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Stewartville Public Schools
 Special Areas Curriculum

The Special Areas Curriculum includes Family and Consumer Science (FACS), Fine Arts (Art, Band, Choir), Foreign Language (German and Spanish), Business, Physical Education and Health, Agriculture, and Industrial Technology

Goal: Stewartville Public Schools strive to create opportunities for students to receive a well-rounded education, while developing life skills and enriching experiences. With the foundation of the core academic areas, our students are encouraged to explore interests, potential future careers, and to plan for higher education.

For the most comprehensive and up-to-date classes available for students at the high school level, you are encouraged to visit Stewartville High School's website for a complete listing, or obtain the most current Course Registration Guide, available in the high school main office.
Agriculture elective classes are available to our high school students. Students are encouraged to explore areas of interest through the many and varied classes that are offered. As the complex industry of agriculture evolves and changes, individuals with a strong knowledge base are needed.

Business education is a constantly changing and evolving field. Our students must be prepared for a work environment that will challenge them with changes in jobs, equipment, technology, work assignments, and responsibilities. Our business elective course in the high school provide knowledge and skills to our students, providing them with both academic and vocational skills necessary in their lives beyond high school.
Family and Consumer Science (FACS)
A wide variety of elective classes are available for high school students. Please check the Course Registration Guide for a complete listing.

Fine Arts
Elementary students participate in art and general music classes in grades K-5.
Students in our middle and high schools have the opportunity to participate in band, choir, and art classes. At the high school level, 1.0 credit is required in the Fine Arts Area. This 1.0 credit may come from music (band or choir), theater, or the visual arts.
Foreign Language
Although Stewartville Schools have no foreign language graduation requirements, parents and students should be advised that two years of high school world language is required for acceptance at most colleges and universities. Furthermore, a third and fourth year of world language will often allow students to "test out" of introductory college language courses. Students should take semester 1 & 2 courses during the same school year.
Presently, SHS offers classes in Spanish.

Physical Education and Health
Physical Education classes are intended to combine physical activity and exercise and awareness to promote fitness and sports for a lifetime. Our curriculum offers a combination of team and individual sports. Phy. Ed. classes are offered at Bonner, Central, and at the middle and high schools. At the high school level, phy. ed. is required of every student in grades 9 and 10. Elective courses are available for juniors and seniors.
Health class is required for all middle school students, and for 10th graders in the high school.