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Online Enrollment Forms & Instructions


Enrollment information & forms for the school year currently in session are below.

Packets for Kindergarten enrollment
  and  Grade 1st through 12th grade enrollment 

FIRST!  Read below the:
"How-to-Download & Complete Fillable Forms Instructions"
These instructions are important to follow in order for the forms to be submitted in the correct format.

(1) right-click on the hyperlink for the enrollment packet you need ~ either the KD packet or the 1st-12th grade forms. 
     Click 'save link as' and download the document to save it to your desktop or somewhere on your computer.   YOU MUST DOWNLOAD and SAVE this document somewhere on your computer BEFORE you begin filling in the fillable forms.
(2) Minimize or Close your browser.  
     ***  Do not fill in the forms while it is displayed in your browser. ***
Go to your desktop or to where you downloaded the file to and open the document directly from there.  This is so that it opens independently through Acrobat Reader.
(3) RE-SAVE the document with your child's name as the file name (e.g. JaneDoe ) 
     (Go to File, Save As:   JaneDoe)    
You now have the original & a new doc to work on.

(4) Fill in and complete the enrollment forms.  Re-SAVE!  Once completed;
(5) Email the completed packet to the registration center:     
 This will be the file that is named with your child's name & fillable fields are complete.         

If you want a paper copy of the Enrollment Packet mailed to your home address;
click here to send us a request.  We will mail you the information.


Enrollment Packet for 1st grade through 12th grade (right-click this highlighted link);

Kindergarten Enrollment Packet (right-click highlighted link);    

Additional Requirements for Kindergarten Enrollment 

Child must be 5 years old on or before September 1st to enter kindergarten. 
♦The first item of importance is to send us the Enrollment Packet  

♦Submit your child’s immunization record from your clinic currently on record.   If you have an appointment coming up for their 5-yr shots; you can send us that documentation at a later date; preferably by August 1st. 

♦Upload or submit a copy of your child’s official birth certificate, passport, or approved official documentation.   A scan or photo image of the birth certificate is acceptable.  We can also make a photocopy of the birth certificate for you.

♦Provide results of Early Childhood Screening. If your child was screened through Stewartville Schools, we have their screening records on file so nothing further is needed. If your child was screened by another district; enter that info on your enrollment forms where indicated.  **NOTE!**  If your child has not had the required preschool screening; contact our community ed office ASAP (507-533-1650).

Ways to return the Enrollment Packet & Required Documents  

In-Person:   (drop-off) Central Education Center / Registration Center
                    301 2nd Street SW; Stewartville MN
U.S. Mail:    Same address as above
Fax:             507-533-4012

Any questions regarding the registration process; please call Cathy Conger, Student Services Coordinator / Registrar:   507-533-1569 or email registration@ssdtigers.org



Miscellaneous Information  

2020-2021 School Year Calendar

Are you a resident of Stewartville?   Check here!

Open Enrollment Form - required if non-resident.  Obligated to attend SPS for at least one year.