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Stewartville Staff Development Procedures

1. Complete the Stewartville Staff Development Request Form
  • This form stays at your site and will provide overall info about seminar and costs.
  • Include brochure about seminar – it will be returned to you.
    • Please note registration deadline.
    • If you register online you still need to complete this form.
    • Make a hard copy of your on-line registration form.
  • This form needs 3 signatures before payment will be made for registration.
    • Person submitting request
    • Building Principal
    • Site Staff Development Recorder.
  • Please contact the District Transportation Secretary about availability of school vehicle for this event at 533-1569.
2. Complete the Check Request Form
  • Fill out the Registration Form for the seminar.
  • Fill out the Check Request Form.
  • Address an envelope for your registration using a school envelope.
  • Turn in these 3 items to your Building Staff Development Recorder.
    • These forms get “coded” for payment, signed by your Building Principal, and are sent over to the District Office for processing and payment.
    • Checks are only written on Tuesdays and Thursdays – plan ahead!
3. Complete a Sub Request through Aesop/Frontline.
  • Enter your absence on Aesop/Frontline.
4. Fill out the Personal Travel Expense Claim Form.
  • After returning from the seminar, fill out the Personal Travel Expense Claim Form.
  • Submit your receipts for meals, mileage, parking, hotel, etc.
  • Mileage is from your home to the seminar.
  • This form gets “coded” by your Building Staff Development Recorder; signed by your Building Principal, and gets sent over to the District Office for processing.
  • Please note that reimbursements are issued with payroll on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Payment for travel expenses will only be made
when all 
required paperwork and signatures are turned in to
the District Office 
by each building’s Staff Development Recorder.