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Stewartville Public Schools Health Services

Supporting Healthy Learners
To support the District's Vision of educational excellence and lifelong learning by partnering with students, families, staff and community resources to maintain health & well-being.

COVID-19:  Please refer to the district's Coronavirus Response Plan for questions and concerns related to COVID-19.  Licensed School Nurse contact information is listed below.

Services Provided:
  • Provide first aid, emergency care and specialized health procedures to students and staff
  • Administer medications
  • Manage and implement individual health plans for students with medical conditions
  • Educate and support school staff to assist students with medical needs in the classroom and on field trips
  • Monitor immunization status of students
  • Surveillance of communicable diseases
  • Maintain school health records
  • Implement screening programs (i.e. Vision/Hearing/Early Childhood)
  • Monitor and maintain AED equipment
  • Serve as in-house resources, liaisons and advocates for students, parents, staff, the community and outside resources regarding individual and general health care issues
Health Office Contact Information:
Phone: 507-533-1621
Work cell phone for emergencies:  507-250-5503
Primary Office:  Stewartville High School/Middle School
Phone: 507-533-1433
Phone: 507-533-1440
Phone:  507-533-1610
Phone:  507-533-1608