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United Way of Olmsted County is partnering with Olmsted County high schools to recognize and reward students for their volunteer efforts in the community. For more information, please contact Joyce Stacy at (507) 533-4618 or community.service@ssdtigers.org.

  • Not sure where to volunteer, check out our Get Connected online tool for connecting individuals with volunteering - click here!


Students who volunteer 145 hours or more of service in a year can earn a school varsity letter, the same as those earned by athletes and musicians. Applicants must meet all requirements and guidelines. Please review the full list of Requirements and Guidelines - click here. This includes at least one school related volunteer activity and student must meet the “Student in Good Standing” qualifications included in these guidelines.

***Hours are for eligible volunteer work from October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016.

Full list of Requirements and Guidelines

It is very important for us to honor students committed to helping their community and we rely on each applicant to be honest on his/her applications. We require 100 percent verification of the hours you submit with each application to maintain the integrity of the program. Student's volunteer supervisor must provide  a signed letter verifying volunteer hours. This letter MUST be on organization letterhead and includes student's name, the number of hours and a description of volunteer service with a timeline for the service. It must also include the supervisor's name and title as well as his/her signature and date. The letter must only include volunteer work from the timeframe October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016. An example of a verification letter can be viewed here. If, after review, we find that you have intentionally misrepresented volunteer work, you will be disqualified from this recognition program and not receive a Varsity Letter in Community Service. Please make sure to let your volunteer supervisor know that you have applied for the Varsity Letter in Community Service.

To help track your volunteer hours, you can use the Community Service Log Sheet.

Deadline for application is October 1, 2016. Complete application must be received October 1, 2016 to be accepted.

For this award, submit materials on or before October 1, 2016 to:

United Way of Olmsted County
Attn: Varsity Letter in Community Service
Kris Brewer
903 West Center Street, Suite 100
Rochester, MN 55902

You may hand deliver or email your application to our offices at 903 West Center Street, Suite 100, Rochester, MN. Please note that our offices are open Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 5 PM. We recommend that you call in advance to ensure someone will be available to accept your application.

A student who qualifies for the Varsity Letter in Community Service, will receive a certificate and a community service scroll patch if he/she is a first time recipient or a bar if this is the second, third or fourth year earning the award. These are currently free of charge.

What to Expect After You Apply

After you apply, United Way of Olmsted County will notify you that we have received your application by email. If you have not heard from us by October 15th, please call 507-529-4831 to ensure that your application was received.

If you have received a Varsity Letter in Community Service, you will be notified by United Way of Olmsted County by November 1, 2016. If we have questions regarding your application, we will contact you sooner. Prompt replies from you will allow us to process your application quickly and are appreciated.  If we are unable to reach you we will be unable to process your application.

 Helpful Information:

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