Minnesota Honor Society Constitution for SHS

Minnesota Honor Society


Section I: The name of this organization be the Minnesota Honor Society (MHS.)

1.    The MHS shall be recognized as a subset of the MAHS.

2.    All schools that join the MAHS are automatically part of the MHS.

3.    There is no additional fee to belong to the MHS.

4.    The MHS is under the sponsorship of the Minnesota Association of Secondary Principals.

5.    The purpose of the MHS is stated in Article I, Section 2 of the MAHS constitution.

The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of secondary schools in Minnesota.

Section II:  The Principal of the MHS school has the right to approve all activities and decisions of the MHS chapter.

1.    The principal shall appoint a MHS advisor.

2.    The principal shall appoint a Faculty Council of three to five members.  The number shall be the principal’s choice.

3.    The principal shall have the final decision on all appeals regarding discipline or dismissal of MHS members.

Section III: The MHS advisor has the responsibility of the day-to-day operations of the organization.

1.     The MHS advisor has the responsibility to serve as a liaison to all key stakeholders in the school organization including the superintendent, the principal, the school board, the faculty, the student body, and the community in which the school district serves.

2.     The MHS advisor has the final responsibility for the organization’s files on membership, finances, and activities.

3.     The MHS advisor has the final responsibility for maintaining records pertaining to the MHS members’ eligibility.

4.     The MHS advisor should provide leadership for the MHS chapter’s executive board.

5.     The MHS advisor will serve on the Faculty Council as a non-voting member.

Section IV: Faculty Council will consist of three to five faculty members appointed annually by the principal.

1.    The Faculty Council does not have a term limit but must be re-appointed each year.

2.    The Faculty Council will meet once a year to read and select the applicants for the MHS chapter.

3.    The Faculty Council will meet as needed to consider dismissal and disciplinary cases.

Section V:  Membership in the MHS chapter is an honor based on the following qualities:

Leadership, Character, Service, and Scholarship

1.    A student has the responsibility to maintain and further develop the qualities that initially made them eligible for MHS.

2.    A student becomes a member of the MHS when inducted at a ceremony conducted by current members of the MHS.

3.    The MHS advisor and the current members of MHS develop the ceremony. 

4.    A MHS member who transfers from another school is automatically a member of the local MHS chapter.  The individual has one semester to meet the local MHS chapter’s requirements.

Section VI: The selection of MHS members must meet the state organization’s minimum standards.

1.    The minimum standard for scholarship is 3.3 (seniors) & 3.4 (juniors) on a 4.0 scale.

2.    The minimum standard for service for a senior is 36 hours of volunteer service per senior year. Juniors minimum standard for service is 24 hours of volunteer service during junior year.

3.    MHS chapters can establish their own criteria for leadership and character.

4.    A faculty rating scale may be used as a way to provide information to the faculty council.

5.    The MHS does not encourage a faculty rating formula plus grade point average to be the final determination of an applicant’s consideration.

6.    The selection of each member shall be determined by a simple majority vote by the faculty committee.

7.    The selection process of the members should be available upon request.

Section VII. The Faculty Council in conjunction with the Faculty Advisor and the high school principal will establish the discipline and dismissal procedures.

1.    A written description of the discipline and dismissal procedures will be made available to all interested parties.

2.    A member who drops below the original standards for acceptance in the MHS will be a given a warning and a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency.

3.    A member who violates a school’s code of conduct may face immediate dismissal from the MHS by action of the Faculty Committee.

4.    A member of MHS who receives a warning or faces dismissal shall have the right to a hearing before the Faculty Council.  This meets the criteria of due process.

5.    For purposes of a warning or dismissal, a majority vote of the Faculty Council is required.

6.    A member who has been warned or dismissed may appeal to the principal of the school for a final decision.

7.    The MAHS will not hear any appeals but may be consulted by the member, the faculty advisor, or the faculty council.

Section VIII. The local chapter shall determine the number and title of MHS officers.

1.    The titles and duties of the officers shall be outlined in the local MHS constitution.

2.    The MAHS encourages the local chapter to hold an installation ceremony

Section IX.  The executive committee shall include the executive officers and the Faculty Advisor.

1.    The executive committee shall perform the leadership function of the local chapter.

2.    The executive committee shall carry out the individual office responsibilities as defined by the local chapter’s constitution.

3.    The executive committee shall have the responsibility of ensuring that all activities and procedures follow school policy and regulations.

Section X.  Each MHS chapter shall have regular meetings during the school year.

1.     The meetings shall be held at a time established by the executive committee.

2.     The meetings shall be held at a time when MHS chapter members can attend.

3.     The MHS president may call special meetings as necessary.   MHS members may request a special meeting with the executive committee’s approval.

4.     The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall conduct meetings.

Section XI. Each MHS shall develop a calendar of yearly activities and projects that fulfill the mission of leadership, character, scholarship, and service.

1.     All MHS chapter members are encouraged to participate in the activities.

2.     The Faculty Advisor and the school principal should approve the MHS chapter activities.

3.     The MHS activities should encourage broad participation by the entire school population when appropriate.

4.     The MHS activities be publicized and recognized by the host school and the local community.

Section XII.  The local MHS chapter is automatically part of the Minnesota Association of Honor Societies.

1.    A school’s membership in the MAHS precludes any additional fees to belong to MHS.

2.    Local MHS chapters are encouraged to participate in statewide MAHS activities.

3.    Local MHS chapters are encouraged to run candidates for the MAHS executive board at the MAHS/MASC state convention.

4.    Local MHS chapters are encouraged to nominate candidates to receive one of the four scholarships award annually.

5.    Local MHS chapters are encouraged to submit nominations for the All Star Team, Advisor of the Year, Chapter Yearbook, and Star Chapter Award.

6.    Local MHS chapters are eligible to purchase MHS pins, cords, certificates, and cards.

7.    The official colors of the MHS are Orange and White.

XIII.  The sections of the MAHS constitution that are dedicated to MHS may be amended per Robert’s Rules of Order at the spring convention held annually.