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Stewartville Public Schools
Office of Curriculum & Instruction
Curriculum Writing Guidelines

updated 5-2-18
1. Priority for curriculum writing will first be given to curriculum areas, teams, or grade levels where curriculum writing is deemed necessary due to new or revised state standards and/or new required district curriculum. This will be determined by the district Curriculum & Instruction Committee and/or by the district curriculum director.

2. Available funds also dictate how much curriculum writing can be done. If monies are available, individual teachers or teams of teachers may make application for summer curriculum writing. The Request for Curriculum Writing form must be completed in full and submitted via Google form to Katie Morlock by May 25th, 2018. Teachers will be notified via school e-mail by June 1st, 2018 if their request(s) have been accepted/denied. Dates are flexible if a teacher's teaching assignment changes.

3. Curriculum writing will occur during the designated summer dates, and at a teacher's or team's teaching site only. Curriculum writing will take place under the supervision of the district curriculum director. The dates for 2018 Summer Curriculum Writing are August 6-9th, 2018.

4. Generally, time allotted for curriculum writing will be as follows:
Elementary: 20 hours maximum; minimum of two teachers per grade level team required
Secondary: 10 hours for semester and 20 hours for year-long or new courses
Requests for less than 10 hours or more than 20 hours may be submitted for consideration, but are
not guaranteed.

5. All curriculum writing must be pre-approved by the Office of Curriculum & Instruction. Retro-active requests will not be approved.

6. A teacher/staff member may make one request for curriculum writing per school year.

7. At the completion of the curriculum writing period, all required documents, the Curriculum Writing Summary form, timesheets, and all other signed forms must be submitted to the Curriculum & Instruction Office as soon as possible.

8. Staff members will be compensated for curriculum writing at the rate of $28.00 per hour.

9. Requests for professional literature studies or off-site curriculum writing will not be accepted.

10.Questions should be directed to Katie Morlock, Curriculum Director at 533-1634 or via e-mail at:

Required forms are found below, or are also available in hard form from the district Curriculum Director.