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Stewartville Board of Education
2018 Committee Membership
Committee Board Member How often does the
committee meet?
Where does the
committee meet?
MN State High School League Will Welch 2/year
1 - day & 1 - evening
Rochester, MN
Community Education Advisory Nichol O'Neill 4/year - Evenings CEC Board Room
Building Construction & Facilities Rob Mathias
Lori Miller-Beach
Will Welch
As needed MS/HS
Negotiations Todd Emanuel
Nichol O'Neill
Rebecca Wortman
As needed CEC Board Room/
Ms. Selfors' Office
High School
Student Council
Rebecca Wortman As Needed High School
Schools for Equity in Education (SEE) Will Welch
Rebecca Wortman
1/month - Fridays
During the day
Owatonna, MN
SEPTA Nichol O'Neill 1/month 7:00 PM Bonner or Central Library
Finance Lori Miller-Beach
Dean Mikel
Will Welch
4/year - Evenings CEC Board Room
ZED Governing Board Rob Mathias 1/month - 7:30 pm ZED Building
Health & Safety Dean Mikel 4/year - 6:45 am High School
District Advisory Todd Emanuel 4/year - Evenings CEC Board Room
District Wellness Will Welch As Needed High School
Policy Dean Mikel
Nichol O'Neill
Will Welch
As Needed Ms. Selfors' Office
Meet and Confer Todd Emanuel
Rebecca Wortman
Alt. Rob Mathias
4/year - 5:30 pm Ms. Selfors' Office