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Stewartville Public Schools
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

301 2nd Street SW
Stewartville, MN  55976

Katie Morlock - Curriculum Director
507-533-1634 - office

Cathy Conger - Administrative Assistant

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction strives to use best practices and current research to provide meaningful curriculum to both students and staff. All curriculum should align to national, state, and local standards. We are committed to life-long learning for all students.

A quality curriculum development process addresses what students should know, be able to do, how it is taught (instruction), how it is measured (assessment), and how the educational system is organized (context).

Curriculum development should model inclusive, learner-centered instruction and should model best practices. Stewartville educators have the opportunity to participate in curriculum writing each summer, to make necessary updates, strengthen the curriculum already in place, and to ensure that all curriculum taught meets Minnesota state standards.