Stewartville School District is committed to providing a safe, secure, welcome environment. The following items detail many of the inspections and processes involved in H&S.

H&S Inspections and Annual Processes
(Inspections are annual unless otherwise specified)

• Aerial Lifts​
• AED inspections once per month 
• Hoist
• Classroom Dividers
• Stage Curtains
• Basketball hoops (retractable and stationary)
• Bleachers (every five years – due in 2017)
• Fire Marshal (every three years – due in 2018)
• Playground by a CPI (certified playground inspector)
• Elevator (Central) and lift (PAC)
• Radon (every five years-due in 2017)
• Lead in water (every five years-due in 2021)
• Lead in paint (one time – completed in fall of 2011)
• Boilers
• Sprinkler System at MS/HS
• Fire Alarm/Smoke Detector system testing
• Fire Extinguishers (professionally inspected one time per year; in house inspection monthly)
• Mock OSHA site and paperwork audit
• IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Survey 
• IAQ Walkthrough
• BBP & ERK (Bloodborne Pathogen & Employee Right to Know) trainings
• Maintenance employees training in PPE, Asbestos, LOTO, Confined spaces, Compressed gases, Mock OSHA, Hazards, and Safety
• Two 6-month AHERA inspections
• AHERA inspection (every three years-due in 2019)
• Emergency eye wash inspections once per week
• Emergency shower inspections once per month

This list is not meant to be all inclusive, but to provide a snapshot of the many areas H&S focuses on. If you have any questions regarding H&S, please contact Derrick at 507-533-1665.

Contact: Derrick Heddelsten